{TOP 8} ​Best Glock 19 Holster Review {2022 UPDATED}

Best Glock 19 Holster reviews 2022

For the most part, introducing hosters designed for the Glock automatic pistol is based on some general information in most cases. As a police officer for 26 years, I carried Smith and Ruger, but the department did allow Glock, and also Beretta 92F. Therefore I was quite familiar with the Glock weapon as well as others, in that, I was also a training officer at the rank of sergeant. )

Glock is a bulky weapon with its double-stack magazine in the grip frame, and designed with the box shaped style slide that again is wide and takes up a lot of space in a holster rig. Therefore my attack on this subject will be based on holsters that can handle the large frame gun with some degree of comfort, but less on the fact that concealment is also a consideration here.

1. IWB Holster 19 19X Glock 23,32,45.

This poly holster retains a cant feature and is an inside the waistband system which can be tilted from 0-15 degrees. This is a fast to draw system, and will fit belts measuring up to 1.8 inches in width.

Weapons retention is functioned by a single screw that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the shooter. As a single point system, this is a workable civilian holster but not the best system as applied to a street cop in service.

The Kydex material used in these holsters is free of any extra care, but it is tough on a weapons finish. With the large holster system for the larger weapon concealment is questionable as applied to this belt rig.

2. We The People Glock 19/19X IWB Holster

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The Glock 19 is a simple and straightforward, yet high-quality pistol. The We The People Glock 19/19X IWB Holster is a simple and straightforward, yet high-quality holster. That makes these two the perfect pair.

This is a Kydex holster, which makes it durable and provides a slim profile. 

It’s custom molded to fit the Glock 19 and Glock 19X, but also comes in versions that accommodate for popular accessories, like red dots and Streamlight gun lights. 

Each of these styles is available in right and left-handed versions, plus a variety of patterns and colors. 

It’s a very adjustable holster, with adjustable ride height and cant, as well as adjustable retention. It features a secure belt clip that works with 1.5 inch belts. 

It also has a sweat guard to protect your skin from rubbing against the gun and protect your gun from moisture. 

Finally, the holster is made in the US and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

3. G19 Holster OWB Paddle Glock 19, 19X

This model holster is an open carry style meaning it is large, bulky, and hard to handle under normal clothing when carrying the weapon. The holster is designed as an outside waistband system is fully adjustable to meet the shooters needs, and is a fit for the Glock 19 semi automatic handgun.

Adjustment and right handed using the button release is a full 60 degrees, and the retention system is an auto lock, meaning when the weapon is holstered it will automatically lock in place. This wild is classes as a single retention holster when applied to police carry.

This holster is made of a light weight polymer material that is resistant to impact, heat and is also scratch resistant. I have found however that these types of holsters are indeed hard on a weapons finish and are best utilized by police, military or private operators versus anyone wanting to preserve the weapon.

4. IWB Glock 19 Leather Holster.

This leather holster is designed for civilian general use. The stitching is double laced, the leather is not going to be overly abrasive against your weapon, and the fit is snug enough to retain the weapon under normal circumstances.
The holster has no retention strap and is friction held and an open top design. Not exactly my best feeling with a loaded weapon at my side but for those that are looking for this system here it is.

The holster design makes it ride high under the arm, and in that area it is close to what carry every day but with an added retention strap as well. This holster is also model fitted to the exact frame on the Glock 19, This will allow for doe addition retention ability when this design is applied during manufacturing.
The holster carries a full lifetime warranty.

5. 1791 Gun Leather Glock 19 Holster.

1791 Gun Leather is a holster that is double stitched steer hide, is set up with the high ride style paddle setup, and is molded to fit your weapon. This holster retains no retention clips or straps, The retention value there is zero. Keep this in mind in the event you are an active individual that could find that dislodging the weapon is a possible outcome. Like others, I tend to favor the retention thumb break system at the lease. Even with six shooters that we carry a good deal of the time around my area the hammer retains a leather loops to hold the weapon in place if you fall or bend over quickly.

6. Glock 19 Holster Concealed Carry KYDEX.

This holster is an inside the pants style and for the most part you will know when it is secure or not. When holstered there will be an auditable clicking sound. This tells you that the weapon is bottomed out in the holster and secure. The cant or angle positioning of the weapon is adjustable to a -1-20 degree angle. This makes for a fast draw that becomes customized for each individual shooter.

The material used in the construction of this rig I state of the art and a high quality base product. The holster retains a lifetime warranty. Professional grade police and civilians being a plain clothing design.

7. Pvnoocy Shoulder Holster.

This holster is a full shoulder holster with a vertical fit style. This keeps the weapon pointed muzzle down at all times. Right side mounts two ammo pouches and left cross draw for the right handed shooter.
The rig is a one size fits all deign and built for the Glock 19 and other larger frame weapons. The rig is totally adjustable and will not leave long straps hanging. The design has been worked over several times by the manufacture to make for a solid complete full size should holster rig.

The system design allows the shooter to swap out different mag pouch types etc, thereby making the holster somewhat custom setup to your needs. The holster is designed to fit about two inches under the arm pit. This give the necessary room for a clean fast draw if required.
This holster rig can be set up for either right or left hand shooters.

I currently have one of these in the horizontal style that is designed for the Browning Hi Power 9mm pistol. As it is fabric I have found it to be cool to ware in warm weather and also little or no contact drag on my skin or clothing. As I carry gun everyday, being seven days a week I can attest to the fact that using a poor design can become a real pain very fast when out and about with a gun strapped to your side or body.

8. DMAIP Concealed Carry

The holster is made from high grade nylon and is padded at the shoulders for a long period of use. Stitching is all reinforced at the pressure points, and strap systems are fully adjustable for varied body types.
The safe thumb break is a reversible design to fit the needs of the shooter, and the rig is priced very right if the budget I got a bit tight.

Designed for most large frame pistols, which would include the Glock 19, this is again a vertical holster rig with a thumb break and retention strap. I like this design again because of its safety factors. I have had a 1911 45 Government slip out of a horizontal holster once and almost gave me a heart attack. That barrel looks the size of the Lincoln tunnel as it was falling and point straight at my face. A bad thumb break snap was the issue, and I have never used another one in that style to this day.

I have given a light coverage to these seven holster rigs as applied to the Glock 19 pistol.
In this subject area, there are hundreds of options open to the buyer today. As for myself and to pass along, I favor the pancake high ride leather double stitched and fully lined adjustable holster about 90 percent of the time. Hunting I excluded here as I almost always use a chest style system with very big guns like the Alaskan by Galco holsters.

What you antis a holster that is safe, comfortable being it will be living with you a great deal of the time, and a system that you can get into action if required quickly. Take your time when selecting a rig because your life could depend on it in the end.

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