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Best Holster For WomenIt is the 21st century, and women have absolutely the same rights as men, and this also applies to the area of self-defense and weapons handling. It is estimated that there are more than 20 million female gun owners in the United States.

Looking at official records, you can see that more and more women get concealed carry weapon (CCW) licenses every year, as they became more aware of daily safety issues.

Along with handling and practicing at the range, owning the gun also require proper storage, especially when you carry your sidearm with you.

For that, you need a sheath called a holster. A proper holster holds a firearm in a consistent, accessible location while enabling safe and effective concealed carry.

Men and Women – Similarities and Differences

Considering the unique requirements of women, one of the most frequently asked questions on similar sites is: are there any differences between men’s and women’s holsters?

Although most holsters were initially designed with men in mind, they are generally universal for both sexes. Similar to fashion and modern clothing, many holster makers embrace gender-fluid style though a distinct holster style for women is obviously present.

The on-body holsters that will work exclusively for the women attach to the bra, thigh or corset. If you carry a gun while running, a great option is leggings with a hip holster sewn into them.

As for the off-body holsters, the female gender has various attractive options to conceal carry their firearm. Women can purchase concealed carry purse holsters or holsters that are sewn inside concealed carry purses.

With a variety of different carry positions for women and holster designs that cater directly to them, it is possible to carry as many as 9 handguns hidden on a lady’s body.

What to Look for in a Holster

Actually, before starting looking for the best holster, you should look at your very own closet and then in the mirror.

If you lounge around in skirts or a dress, your choice of carrying rigs will obviously be limited to specialty holsters. On the contrary, if you’re lucky enough to wear jeans and t-shirts as your go-to outfit of any given day, you may have a belt-mounted holster on your Waistband as the best practical solution.

If we agree that holsters for women are essentially the same as those for men, we must look for standard features when searching for the right holster.


It would help if you had a holster that will keep your firearm safe while preventing your gun to discharge in the holster accidentally. It means that a safe holster has to cover the trigger guard completely and safely protect your trigger when you’re not using the pistol.

Generic or Gun-Specific

The holster needs to fit your body and feel comfortable to carry it around all day practically. In that context, between generic and gun-specific holsters, you should opt for a holster that is custom-made for your firearm.

Holster Retention, Passive or Active

Retention is a desirable trait in a holster’s world as it keeps your sidearm inside.

  • Passive retention is an essential feature and it is usually described as friction between the holster and your firearm. Typically, tightly molded leather holsters are an old-school example, but most Kydex holsters these days offer adjustable retention via screws.
  • Active retention will not only keep your pistol inside from moving around too much, but it will restrict grabbing your gun from unauthorized persons. You will find these restraining devices in the form of traditional thumb breaks, manual straps or covers on top of the holster.

Types Of Holsters

Along with standard belt slide holsters designed to attach to the belt in a variety of different ways, the other popular methods of concealed carry are shoulder, pocket and ankle holsters.

Although IWB and Appendix IWB (AIWB – appendix-inside-the-waistband) holsters are the most favored carrying styles, female CCW license owners have a few more solutions for concealed carry. The garter/thigh or bra holsters represent an excellent choice while ladies are out shopping or dressed up.

Holster Materials

While holster makers have come up with new and innovative materials, traditional leather holsters are still widely popular. Over time these products are stretching and bend and conform to your body just enough to hold your gun against your body.

The downside of leather is that it needs a break-in period, after which it will fit your handgun like a glove.

Kydex and other plastic-like materials usually are used for holsters that are molded to a specific weapon. Kydex holsters are durable and affordable but less comfortable than leather. Kydex ability to stay rigid and remain resistant to the elements is one of its main advantages.

Nylon & Cordura

Most authors and gun writers don’t recommend ballistic nylon holsters. However, if you broke or want to try a new carrying method, a nylon holster will satisfy it better than nothing.

Obviously, it is a very generalized attitude and some nylon holsters are very popular in the gun community. When it comes to the specificity of women’s body types and different carrying positions, we will see more nylon/fabric holsters available for women.

Women can choose clothing with Cordura holsters sewn into and nylon holsters that fit on their bra.

Unlike harder, custom-molded holsters made of leather or Kydex, nylon rigs feature stretchy fabric materials that don’t protect your gun’s trigger good enough, and the holster won’t stay open for you to reholster your pistol.

Hybrid holsters

Since none of these materials are entirely perfect, holsters manufacturers start combining classic materials and developing a hybrid holster. These holsters mostly use a comfortable backing made of leather or Neoprene for comfort and a hard shell custom-molded from Kydex or similar plastic material.

Choosing a holster

Some concealed-carry practitioners tend to stay on one holster for every situation because they quickly get accustomed and acquainted with one holster. On the other hand, there is no universal holster, and you need to select the right holster for any different scenario or wardrobe style.

{TOP 5}Best Holster For Women FINAL Reviews

1. Crossbreed’s The Reckoning

CrossBreed company is famous for the revolutionary SuperTuck series of hybrid holsters. Their later model, dubbed MiniTuck IWB, has found popularity among male concealed carriers, but this rig has become equally popular with women due to its moderate dimensions.

Like previous models, the new Reckoning holster from CrossBreed also uses hybrid technology to allow comfort, security and easy reholstering. Still, its main selling points are more reduced measures and versatility.

That said, the innovative CrossBreed Reckoning Holster is a typical hybrid holster constructed of a leather backing and polymer shell molded to a specific gun. That combination provides comfortable carry and an easy draw.

By default, the Reckoning can be worn Inside the Waistband  (IWB) on the strong side, but it can be easily configured to be worn appendix or a cross draw position.

However, the multi-use design of the Reckoning holster will allow you to switch up your method of carry and convert it to an outside the waistband holster (OWB). Instead of a different holster for each application, you will simply switch out the steel belt clips to convert the Reckoning from IWB style to OWB.

The attachment hardware is made of spring steel stamped metal and comes in a slim fit form to attach to thinner and trendier fashion belts.

Another standout feature and the key innovation on the Reckoning holster is their multiple points of retention adjustment. Using an included hex key, you can adjust the retention of the trigger guard and Kydex shell to the leather backer itself.

2.Can Can Concealment, Hip Hugger Holster

The Hip Hugger holster series from Can Can Concealment is designed for maximum versatility and comfort. There are several models from Classic to Sport Belt Hero and SheBang up to the Hip Hugger Elite holster as a pinnacle of close-fitting, compression holsters.

All the company’s Hip Huggers are made from 5″ high military-grade elastic, wide and firm enough to hold multiple firearms and magazines.

The Hip Hugger holster lineup offers a comfortable deep conceal platform to accommodate compact and even service-issued handguns like Glock 19 or Springfield XD. For example, it is possible with Hip Hugger Classic 6” wide holsters to pack up to four firearms, but it’s not very practical.

Hip Hugger Classic features 4 holster pockets placed at 4 predefined positions, 2 o’clock, 4 o’clock, 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock. Additionally, you have three spare magazine pockets arranged at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock.

Some versions from Can Can Concealment offer extra pockets for folding knives and cell phones and zippered compartments for valuables.

While the holster basically represents a stretch band that wraps around the hips, it is constructed with two rows of Hypoallergenic non-slip Tacti-Grip to prevent slipping.

Since these holsters are specifically tailored for female users, some details like sewn ribbon crisscross pattern at the back and closure consisting of three rows of hooks and eyes are typically women’s preferences.

Like all belly bend holsters, the Hip Hugger holster isn’t so comfortable in a very warm climate, but you will be able to wear it in the 90+ degree heat of summer without sweating.

3.The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster

Sometimes, there are situations and wardrobe styles where a regular hip holster may not work. One of the suggested carrying rigs for these scenarios is belly bands.  It is simply a big band of elastic that can be worn high on the torso or low worn around your hips and secured with Velcro.

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band is a universal style holster for both sexes. However, it is more popular for ladies’ gun owners, particularly those who wear dresses or skirts due to vocation or choice.

The belly band from ComfortTac is also universal as it can accommodate any model handgun from subcompact to large frame pistols.

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band is made of a type of elastic material called Neoprene. It is soft on the skin and gives you great comfort and aeration.

The ComforTac Ultimate belly band holster is so comfortable you can wear it direct to skin or over clothes.

While Neoprene is much softer than elastic, it is also thicker, and in the ComfortTac rig, the material is about 1/8th of an inch thick, so it can easily support the heavier guns.

Unlike other belly bands, the belly band holster from ComfortTac is 4 inches wide and comes with a strip of Velcro which is wide as the belt and 2 inches across.

Besides the main holster, this Ultimate belly band sports a special compartment for an extra magazine, wallet or spare cash.

In the end, one valuable thing. The ComforTac uses a snap button instead of Velcro, which makes the release quieter.

4. Galco Stinger Belt Holster

Galco Gunleather is a well-known manufacturer of quality leather and synthetic rigs for a long time. Galco offers a broad range of styles and designs and has something for everyone.

While the Galco is famous for its shoulder rigs, they offer a variety of models designed for men and catalogs holsters for ladies and non-standard options, including women’s handbags and purses.

The Galco Stinger Belt Holster is made of premium saddle leather with the KISS principle in mind (Keep It Small And Simple).

As you would expect from a renowned holster maker, the Stinger comes with a covered trigger guard and a tunnel-style belt loop that keeps the holster very stable by not allowing it to move or shift around on the belt at all.

The simple but strong, integral belt loop holds the holster very close to the body and sits securely on any belts up to 1.5 inches.

The holster rides low and features an open-top design with forward cant that makes this OWB (Outside Waistband) holster ideal for a fast and easy drawstroke.

This sleek and minimalistic leather rig isn’t a model-specific holster, but a high-quality steerhide has a deep molding that will perfectly adapt to your gun after a short break-in period.

5.Tactical Belly Band Holster

Another belly band holster comes from Tactica Defense Fashion, a company specialized in manufacturing shooting products that meets the demands of female concealed carriers.

While concealed-carry belly bands are a popular concept with affordable price, Tactica Belly Band is a discreet carry choice that promotes at the first place weapon safety and the ability to wear leggings or skirts without the security of belt loops.

Like classic hybrid hip holsters, the Tactica Belly Band combines a hard-shell molded design with a slim neoprene backing.

The molded shell is custom-molded, and currently, it is available for about 20 makes and models of pistols. This model-specific Kydex holster provides complete trigger protection and features adjustable retention.

The rigid plastic holster is canted to a natural draw position, slightly different from other belly band models.

The elastic belly band is made of Neoprene and comes with patented spring steel core reinforcement which adds structure and stability.

Similar to other fabric belly bands, Tactica attaches to the bellyband using heavy-duty Velcro while it is held in place with a hook-and-loop fastener.

Final thought

Ladies definitely need holsters exclusively designed for them because of different shapes, body sizes and structures, and types of clothing.

Besides safety, another vital criterion for a holster are comfort, as women want more than male to conceal a firearm in the wardrobe they love.

The holster which properly fits your gun and suits your wardrobe choices would be a perfect choice. The best designs are those with a trial period that you can return for a full refund.

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