Paddle Holster vs. Belt Holster

When it comes to choosing the right holster, it can be pretty hard when you don’t know the pros and cons of what’s available. Stuck between a paddle holster and a belt holster? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Both paddle holsters and belt holsters have a lot to offer, as well as some … Read more

IWB vs. OWB Holster

There’s so many different concealed carry holsters out there and navigating the market can be tough. Finding the perfect concealed carry holster is a feat, but we can narrow it down by talking about the two most popular styles of holsters: IWB holster and OWB holster. I’m sure you’ve already heard of these before, even … Read more

How to Install a Claw Kit on a Holster

A holster claw, also called a concealment claw or a claw kit, is another form of retention that you can install on your concealed carry holster. There’s many methods for gun holster retention these days, including ones like this where you can install it yourself. Most holsters will come equipped with some form of retention … Read more

How to Wear a Paddle Holster

When it comes to carry holsters, a paddle holster might seem a bit intimidating if you’ve heard the stories and preferences of other gun owners. But really, it’s a great holster, you just have to know how to use it right. A paddle holster is a holster that’s designed to be an OWB holster. Waistband … Read more

Hybrid vs. Kydex Holsters

When choosing the best handgun holsters for concealed carry, the holster material matters more than you might think. Especially when it comes to wearing an IWB holster, the construction of your holster can affect your drawing and reholstering proficiency, concealment, carry positions, and even comfort. All of which, should be balanced to create an effective … Read more

How to Clean a Leather Holster

Leather holsters are an old-time favorite for gun owners. Leather products are beautiful and durable, and provide a comfortable holster and a neat fit on your gun belt. They are favorited by shooters because they tend to be more comfortable than synthetic holsters. However, with the quality comes some maintenance. Leather holster care is very … Read more

Kydex vs. Leather Holsters

Whether you’re looking to open carry or conceal carry, there’s lots to consider when choosing the holster that’s best for you. One of the main factors should be the material of the holster itself. Two of the most well-known holster materials are Kydex and leather. Both of these materials have their pros and cons and … Read more

How to Mount a Holster in Your Car

The best thing about a concealed carry is being able to take your trusty firearm with you wherever you go. In doing that, eventually you’ll want to have a safe but accessible place to keep it in your car. No one wants their handgun rolling around in the back of their car; that’s not just … Read more

How to Measure a Gun Barrel For a Holster

Ah, the holster. The right-hand man to your concealed carry weapon. If you’re looking for information on rifles, this isn’t the right place. Today, we will be focusing on pistols and holsters. Finding the perfect fit holster is just as important as finding the perfect pistol; they work hand in hand with each other. A … Read more

How To Use IWB Holster 101 Guide

When it comes to carrying a concealed firearm, a gun belt is the most common carry method for most people, but this type of firearm carry is usually bulky. IWB holsters or inside the waistband holsters can help with this. There are a few things you should be aware of if you intend to carry … Read more