{TOP 10} Best Belly Band Holsters Reviews {2022 UPDATED}

Finding the best belly band holster can be confusing. There are so many on the market. Each offers advantages and disadvantages. Let us help you narrow down your search for your next holster. More importantly, let us help you select a holster that will meet all your concealed carry needs.

Best Belly Band Holsters


Belly band holsters have long been a favorite for concealed carry. They started with homemade rigs used by undercover officers. Today they have a state-of-the-art design. The concept is practical. It is also easy to hide your weapon in almost any outfit.

Below we will review the most popular belly band holsters. Each offers advanced levels of comfort, concealment, and versatility. These choices will allow you to select a design that is best for you and your lifestyle.

If you don’t have time for the details, check out the list below:

TOP 10 Best Belly Band Holsters
Reviews and Buying Guide {2022 UPDATED}

1.CrossBreed Modular Belly Band Holster

CrossBreed is a leader in concealed carry options. Their Modular Belly Band Holster is a perfect example of why. It offers one of the most secure means of carrying your firearm. It also can be customized to fit any modern pistol model.

Many of today’s belly band holsters rely on a “one size fits all” pouch or pocket. This allows for versatility. But it does not always provide the most secure fit. Not this holster. The Modular utilizes a Kydex holster in a firearm-specific design. It has better retention than any neoprene pouch. Plus, the Kydex holster is removable. It can also be replaced with any of CrossBreed’s other sizes.

 This combination provides a great degree of stability, security, and function. It also allows for easy re-holstering.

2.BravoBelt Belly Band Hols

Are you a female gun owner? Do you find it difficult to find a holster that fits like a glove? Do you lead an active lifestyle and need a holster that stays put? Well, the BravoBelt Belly Band Holster is for you.

This belly holster is one of the most popular among female users. Why? Because it fits perfectly on a variety of body types. Yet it still remains comfortable. It also continues to be secure even during heavy physical activity. Both are quite a feat for any holster.

The BravoBelt is constructed from CoolVent neoprene. It has micro air holes for ventilation. At 42-inches in length and 5-inches in width, it will fit up to a 44-inch waist. It will hold a variety of handguns. It can be used with a right- or left-hand draw. It also features a snap closure retention system to keep your firearm secure.

3.Tactica Belly Band Holster

Choosing to carry concealed should not mean giving up comfort. Choosing a comfortable holster should not require you to sacrifice safety. Thanks to Tactica you can enjoy comfort, safety, and concealability all in one belly band holster.

The neoprene band provides a comfortable, breathable platform. It can be adjusted to fit various body types. That includes up to a 57-inch waist. The molded Kydex holster provides a more secure, safer means of holding your firearm. You can find a version that works with most popular pistol models.

The Kydex holster provides a more secure, fitted means of carrying your firearm. It also provides better trigger protection and a canted draw. The adjustable belt can be worn in multiple positions. it will also fit men or women. Plus, returns are easy. It is covered by a 10-day trial period and a 30-day warranty.

4.Comfortac Ultimate Belly Band Holster

Do you need a belly band holster that will fit multiple users or different weapons? Are you looking for a versatile, comfortable belly holster? Then the Comfortac Ultimate is hard to beat. It will fit a wide range of body sizes and weapon types.

This is a “universal fit” style holster. This means that the holster stretches to fit many different weapons. Universal fit is a perfect feature for shooters who own different carry weapons. The belt also stretches to fit waist circumferences up to 44 inches. This holster allows you to adjust the fit as you gain or lose weight. It also allows more than one user to share the holster.

The belt is constructed of neoprene for added comfort. The neoprene is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin.

Additional features include an auxiliary pouch, retention strap, and an extra-thick Velcro strap.

5. Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster

Are you looking for a holster that will meet all your concealed carry needs? That means you need a holster that can carry a wide range of firearms. It should be compatible with multiple positions. It should also be comfortable for all-day use. The Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster may be just what you need.

The holster is made of surgical-grade neoprene. This belt is comfortable, lightweight, and unlikely to irritate the skin. Micro ventilation holes allow for better air circulation. Soft-to-the-touch Velcro molds to the body for a more secure fit.

The elastic holster pouch can accommodate a wide range of today’s most popular firearms. Unlike neoprene pouches, it will not stretch over time. It also includes a snap retention strap for additional security.

This holster can be worn in multiple positions. It is compatible with inside the waistband, outside the waistband, 5 o’clock, small of the back, and appendix carry options.

6. Undertech Undercover Belly Band Holster

Are you a gun owner who likes to carry a firearm when wearing a tucked shirt? Do you also want to conceal items such as a phone or wallet? If so, the Undertech Undercover belly band holster may be the best choice.

This holster is about options. You can carry different handguns. You can also draw either right or left-handed. There are extra pockets that are perfect for hiding a wallet, cellphone, cash, or important documents.

The two ambidextrous holsters will accommodate either a revolver or semiautomatic handgun. Two extra pouches can accommodate a host of other items. These range from a spare magazine to a wallet. It is also available in a variety of sizes. It will fit most body types.

Anti-slip and anti-perspiration properties allow for all-day comfort. The position of the holsters and their slight forward cant allow for a quicker draw. The holster is ideal for carry at the small of the back or 3/9 positions.

7. Featol Belly Band Holster

Are you looking for an affordable, easy-to-use belly band holster? Should it provide comfort and performance? The Featol Belly Band Holster is the best option in that case.

Featol is well known for its wide range of neoprene medical products. These include back, knee, and wrist supports. They have also used their many years of experience to produce one of the finest budget-friendly belly band holsters.

This holster is available in three sizes. It can accommodate waists ranging from 33- to 52-inches. It will also work with a wide range of modern firearms. Small- to medium-range semi-automatics work especially well. It is also available in left- or right-hand models. It can be worn in a cross-draw manner as well.

The belt is made of neoprene and Velcro. It provides a comfortable, secure fit. In addition to the snap retention holster, you also receive a detachable pouch. The pouch is perfect for a spare magazine or other EDC items. There is also a built-in pouch for your phone or wallet.

8. TacX Pro Gear Belly Band Holster

Are you considering a belly band holster? Do you want something that will secure your firearm and all your EDC equipment? TacX Pro Gear has the answer.

Pro Gear takes the belly band to the next level. They use neoprene construction for additional comfort. Micro air holes increase breathability. They also decrease sweat build-up. The TacX holster is also an EDC belt. A 6″ waterproof, RFID-resistant zipper pouch is perfect for small items. These include credit cards or cash. A sewn-in open-top pouch works for a spare magazine, flashlight, folding knife, or even a cellphone. The remaining space on the band can be used to attach a variety of clip-on items as well.

Pro Gear guarantees this belt will not roll, pinch, ride up, or slip. They back up this claim with a lifetime warranty. The holster will fit a wide range of small-frame semi-automatic firearms.

9. Kaylle Belly Band Holster

Do you have a drawer full of uncomfortable holsters? Do not worry, you are not the only one. But the Kaylle Belly Band Holster is not one that will end up in that drawer. It is one of the most comfortable holsters available.

The 2.5mm neoprene construction makes this holster both comfortable and secure. It stretches to fit waists up to 45 inches. It can be carried in multiple positions. The latest technology magnetic retention snap permits one-handed, quiet drawing. Yet they still hold both small and large frame firearms securely. Finally, the extra pouch keeps your spare magazine close at hand.

The Kaylle Belly Band Holster is affordable, reliable, and comfortable. It offers the security and versatility required to meet all you EDC needs. You will not be disappointed.

10. Fullmosa Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster

Are you a larger-bodied gun owner looking for a secure, concealed carry option? Do you want a belly band holster that will hold your firearm and EDC gear? The Fullmosa Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster meets both criteria.

This is more than a belly band holster. This is a belly tactical system. It has three pistol holsters, four magazine pouches, and additional gear pouches. Clearly, it is designed to carry ALL your EDC gear and then some. It offers more storage options than any other holster.

Unlike other similar holsters, this is constructed from heavy-duty nylon. It includes stitched leather & Velcro straps for added strength. It is also available in three sizes and will fit small or large shooters.

This belly band holster is durable, includes plenty of storage, and will adjust to fit almost anyone.


Most defense experts will agree that the belly band holster is one of the best concealment options. The holsters here are the best belly band holsters because they do more.

Each of these holsters provides extras. It could be extra storage for EDC items. It could be the ability to fit multiple firearms. Or it could be increased comfort. All of these holsters do more than simply hide your firearm.

We are sure that after you review our list, you will agree they are the best on the market. We think you will also find our list contains your next holster. It will not end up in a drawer like all the others. Instead, one of these holsters will be your go-to for years to come.

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